Phase Line Green Tactical provides training, consulting, policy development expertise and advice to various organizations regarding safety, security, workplace violence, target hardening and threat assessment as well as training and consultation pertaining to hands-on techniques. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, security, investigations and training, we are able to provide solutions to organizations that are in need of policy writing expertise, threat assessments, responses and solutions to  workplace violence, conflict resolution, armed intruder policies and procedures as well as meeting the various training needs of your organization. We have experience in providing safety and security solutions to governmental, educational institutions and private organizations.

Phase Line Green Tacticalalso provides training and consultation to law enforcement, security services, military organizations and personnel regarding the safe and lawful use of force, firearms, tactics, urban operations, executive protection and investigative techniques. We have access to experts who have served in military and policing roles ranging from training to special investigations to special operations and anti-terrorism.

We also provide training to civilians in the safe and lawful use of firearm for recreation, competition, hunting and enjoyment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and to discuss your needs or the needs of your organization.


We offer courses on:

  • Basic & Advanced Pistol Training
  • Basic & Advanced Carbine Training
  • Shotgun Operator Training
  • Use of Force Training: Police, Military, Security
  • Specialized Training (Anti-Violence)

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