This course is designed to meet the needs of the semi-automatic rifle shooter who wishes to become more familiar and more efficient in the employment of their firearm for target shooting, competition and hunting.

Topics covered:

  • Firearms and Range Safety rules
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Rifle selection, accessories and set up
  • Gear selection and set up
  • Sling usage
  • Rifle manipulation
  • Loading and unloading skills
  • Magazine changes (emergency, tactical, administrative)
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Sighting and accuracy
  • Speed shooting
  • Positional shooting
  • Shoulder transitions
  • Shooting around obstructions
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Shooting on the move

 Required equipment:

  • Reliable rifle and at least 5 magazines (5 round 10 round LAR mags are fine) - Any centre-fire, semi auto rifle will work. Generally we get the AR platfrom but we have experience with almost all modern platforms!
  • Iron sights or optics
  • Sturdy pistol belt, a holster that covers the trigger guard, and at least 2 pistol magazine pouches and 3 rifle magazine pouches.
  • Chest rigs and drop holsters are fine. For police and military we encourage wearing operational gear (including armour)
  • NO SERPA holsters!
  • 250 rounds of reliable psitol ammunition, 400 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Hearing protection, eye protection and a baseball cap
  • It's a good idea to pack a cleaning kit, lube and spare parts if you have them (or even a spare gun!)
  • Knee and elbow pads are encouraged. You may wear gloves if you wish
  • Clothing suitable for inclement weather
  • Water, lunch and snacks
  • Pen and pad if you wish to take notes (always a good idea)

1 Day Carbine

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