This course focuses on the development of accuracy and speed during the course of shooting scenarios. Skills development will focus on fluid manipulation and target engagement, multiple target engagement, shooting on the move and from various positions as dictated by the environment. This course will be of special value to the tactical or competitive shooter who wishes to build on their library of tactical and competitive shooting skills.  The instructor reserves the right to vet candidates based upon their abilities.

Required equipment:

  • Reliable rifle and at least 5 magazines (5 round/10 round LAR mags are fine) - Any centre-fire, semi auto rifle will work. Generally we get the AR platform but we have experience with almost all modern platforms!
  • Iron sights or optics
  • Sturdy pistol belt, a holster that covers the trigger guard, and at least 2 pistol magazine pouches and 3 rifle magazine pouches.
  • Chest rigs and drop holsters are fine. For police and military we encourage wearing operational gear (including armour)
  • NO SERPA holsters!
  • 300 rounds of reliable pistol ammunition, 600 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Hearing protection, eye protection and a baseball cap
  • It's a good idea to pack a cleaning kit, lube and spare parts if you have them (or even a spare gun!)
  • Knee and elbow pads are encouraged. You may wear gloves if you wish
  • Clothing suitable for inclement weather
  • Water, lunch and snacks
  • Pen and pad if you wish to take notes (always a good idea)

2 Day Carbine

Registration: Spot not confirmed until deposit received. Details will be sent after registration.

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