Many shooters have the requisite skills to operate their firearms effectively in daylight or high visibility conditions however most have had little opportunity to employ these skills in low-light environments.  The introduction of darkness to any shooting scenario tends to compound the difficulty of manipulating the firearm, utilizing the environment and darkness tends to add to the overall stress experienced by the shooter. 
This course is designed for the experienced shooter who may find the need to employ firearms in environments where light and visibility have been compromised. Fields of instruction will include daylight and low-light firearms operation, dry-fire and live fire drills with a focus on consistency of platform and procedure. 
Day one will focus on various techniques surrounding the employment of pistols with white light utilizing light, darkness and the environment for concealment and force multiplication purposes. 
Day two will encompass the use of both the pistol and carbine in low-light conditions.
Course participants will be operating on both an indoor and outdoor range environment so be prepared for inclement weather!

Topics will include:

  • Fundamentals of consistent pistol and carbine operation in daylight and low-light environments 
  • Equipment choices, set-up and optimization
  • Optimal use of various hand-held and firearm-mounted lights
  • Environmental interaction for maximum advantage
  • Movement and multiple target engagement
  • Working in pairs and communications
  • Use of slings, carbine to pistol transitions

Required equipment:

  • Reliable pistol with holster, two magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines
  • Hand-held flashlight
  • Pistol mounted flashlight (if you have one)
  • Carbine with sling, at least 4 carbine magazines and a carbine mounted flashlight
  • 500 pistol rounds/500 rifle rounds
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Snacks, water, small first aid kit
  • Clothing suitable for inclement weather
  • Pen and notepad
Low Light Training

Low Light

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